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About Us Who we are and what we offer

SOCSERVE - technical support and information security services

We provide services for building and maintaining IT infrastructure for various projects, as well as Information Security services

To grow up with our clients
We provide comprehensive technical support and information security services
An individual approach to each client, a classic project for us is: design, creation and launch, support and development

Our Projects

  • Creation and maintenance of IT infrastructure

    Creation of a fault-tolerant IT infrastructure in the cloud, development of documentation, including compliance to the requirements of international standards, maintenance and development
  • Migration of IT infrastructure

    Organization and transfer of client systems to the cloud, development of DRP, further support
  • IT security check

    IT security due diligence for servers and network, consulting, troubleshooting check
  • Penetration Testing

    Penetration testing, source code security analysis (for "white box" model)
  • Compliance requirments for PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, GDPR

    Analysis of the scope and specifics of business processes. Development of internal documentation and implementation, process improvement
  • Delivery and implementation

    We cooperate with various vendors, the work is carried out according to the agreed terms of reference, after implementation, we provide technical support and training

Company’s History

July 2015
Conducting the first IT and information security audit projects

Our first projects were IT/IS audits, at the same time it was important for some clients to receive further consultations and support

december 2017
Strengthening the team

Creation of a team of technical support engineers, signing technical support contracts with key customers

march 2019
Obtaining partnerships with a number of vendors, training engineers

Our partners are Splunk, Checkmarx and other solution providers

january 2020
Development of a company evolution strategy

DRP creation and redundancy. Ensuring 100% remote team working

Our Clients

Avangard bank
Alliance bank
Nafogaz gruop
Astarta Kyiv