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Technical support

Support at all stages of the project life cycle!

Order technical support

We offer technical support for your IT infrastructure
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Do you need to build an infrastructure for an information system?
We will help you at the design stage. Together with your specialists:

  • We will calculate the required resources for servers
  • We will design the network topology, taking into account the "best practices" for security
  • We will select the optimal servers

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    Installation and configuration

    According to the agreed infrastructure project, our specialists (independently or together with your specialists) will:

  • install operating systems and required software
  • configure the software
  • perform the final check of the software package

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    Live systems support

    Our specialists together with yours:

  • control critical messages of the monitoring system;
  • perform software update
  • monitor the implementation of security measures
  • perform additional work according to submitted requests

  • Our advantages

  • Extensive experience in both designing and supporting various information systems (including cloud solutions)
  • A team of experienced professionals certified in various fields
  • Fulfillment of requests in the shortest possible time
  • Monitoring the continuity and security of a running system